Salt Lake Chinese Choir

Connect people and the world 

with our music

Salt Lake Chinese Choir 鹽湖華人合唱團

Our Mission 合唱團宗旨

The mission of the Salt Lake Chinese choir in the United States is to uphold and advance Chinese music and culture through exceptional choral performances. We cultivate personal growth and progress by providing comprehensive choral training and diverse performance platforms. Our aim is to forge connections between the Chinese and American communities by means of music, while fostering an inclusive and hospitable atmosphere that embraces individuals from all cultural backgrounds and musical expertise. Furthermore, we pledge our dedication to actively engage with and contribute to the wider community through impactful performances and service initiatives.


About Salt Lake Chinese Choir

The Salt Lake Chinese Choir acknowledges the power of music to bridge cultural gaps and foster understanding among people. Our mission is to create and share beautiful music that showcases Chinese culture and offers a unique experience for our audience. We strive to create a harmonious musical environment that transcends political, religious, and racial boundaries.

Founded in 2002, the Salt Lake Chinese Choir has been an active participant in various community and social events, spreading awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of businesses and individuals to continue our mission. Through our performances, we hope to continue to connect people and cultures and promote harmony and understanding.